Corporate Events

Trade Shows & Auctions

Harvest Ridge is truly designed to hold these type of events with several large buildings and the open and level grounds this is the great spot to hold your next corporate event, or trade show. With capabilities for 360 10X10 booths underroof and countless more in the midway we can house form thee smallest events like a board meeting with just a hand full of people to large shows with hundreds of people

  • Pipe/Drape System

    We can set up pipe and drapes to give your vender the space that they deserve. We can also use the the system to block off parts of the building that is not needed to be used.
    Carpet- This gives a really clean look to an event. Not to mention helps with the sound.

  • Table/Chair Rentals

    We have several tables and chairs that we are happy to rent out to our events and other events around the area.

  • Furniture Show

  • Corporate Parties

  • Catering

  • Set-up/Tear-down

  • Sporting/Hunting Shows

  • Food Show

  • Board Meetings

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What Our Client Says

Very clean, great atmosphere.
"It is rare in this time that we live in to find good-hearted people. I am grateful for everyone at the Holmes County Fair who showed my family and I compassion during this difficult time."
Charla Mayle Via Facebook

Rental Information Request

Steve Miller | Harvest Ridge Manager

Steve Miller | Harvest Ridge Manager

Steve, a life-long Holmes County resident is the manager of the Harvest Ridge facility. As manager, he is responsible for booking rentals, coordinating events, and general management of the facility. Contact Steve with any of your event ideas and rental questions. 

For rental information or general information about Harvest Ridge, Steve can be reached at:




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Monday through Friday 8:00-4:00pm
William T. Baker Family Building